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They are certified Wealth Manager, Mutual Fund and Insurance consultants recognized by the NSE National Stock Exchange & AMFI 

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Project Scope

The result was a stunning transformation of Parth investment's visual identity.   This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering impactful design solutions that go beyond aesthetics, creating a lasting impact on brand perception and market presence.

  • Brand Naming

  • Logo Design

  • Stationary Design

  • Office Branding
    Social Media

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we were entrusted with the design of a logo,new website, social media marketing campaigns and poster design for Bizastra

Brand Naming​​

After a meticulous brainstorming process, our team struck gold with the name "Parth Investment" – a fusion of "P" alphabet and "I" alphabet. and Lotus Symbol Which Represent Spiritual Elightenment,Growth & Purity


"P" Alphabet



"I" Alphabet


Group 2.png

Lotus Symbol
Represent Spiritual Elightenment, Growth & Purity


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Logo Design

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Bussiness Card Design

At our design agency, we recently had the pleasure of working with Parth Investment to craft a distinctive and professional business card design that truly reflects the essence of their financial prowess. The design seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with a touch of sophistication, creating a visual identity that communicates Parth Investment's commitment to excellence in the financial industry.

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Office Branding

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Parth Investment Presentation_page-0010.jpg
Parth Investment Presentation_page-0008.jpg
Parth Investment Presentation_page-0011.jpg
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Parth Investment Presentation_page-0025.jpg
Parth Investment Presentation_page-0020.jpg
Parth Investment Presentation_page-0014.jpg
Parth Investment Presentation_page-0019.jpg
Parth Investment Presentation_page-0017.jpg
Parth Investment Presentation_page-0023.jpg
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Website Design

Our team undertook a meticulous analysis of Parth Investment's brand identity, user demographics, and business objectives. Armed with these insights, we crafted a strategic web design approach that prioritized user experience, intuitive navigation, and visual appeal. Through collaborative design sprints, we iteratively refined our concepts to align with Parth Investment's vision.

Social Media Post

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